Web Design Gallery 1
We hope you enjoy your tour through some of our web designs. Bear in mind that some of these, as indicated, will take you to the current site. The site, if remote, may have undergone changes since we installed it. Unless indicated, alterations, if present, have been performed by the site administrator/owner.
Site information is presented to provide insights into what the project objectives were, how they were handled and what technologies or tools were involved.

  Click picture or title to view site - Sites listed as SiteName will load the live site. Some features are disabled in local sites (email, etc.)

This project is a bit of a departure from the normal type of work we do. With the exception of the two graphics elements there was no design work, per se, done for this project. After viewing two proofs for the site, the client asked for a simple site written to complete CSS and XHTML standards compliance.
The bulk of the project design was to create a very large set of hyperlinked pages and network them across a series of complimentary web services sites.The site is unique in that its construction methods and content are in complete agreement. The client's services are search engine compliance and page ranking techniques. The site employs all the tools and information contained in its pages.
Total site pages: over 106,000. We recommend this site as a good starting place to obtain information about Search Engine Optimization.

Related to the previous site, this project was written with similar requirements - standards compliance above all else. The site was originally to be only a shell meant to increase the link popularity of the SEO project but, after conferring with the client at length, they agreed to allow us to provide a site with real substance and offering a real service; SPAM-Free web mail.
We were very pleased with the end results and although the site, again, was not very graphics oriented, being able to assist the client to bring a more worthy result to the Internet was quite rewarding on a personal level for all of us involved in the project.
This site uses almost all of our skills in coding to bring about a secure and SPAM-Proof online email solution. data protection, authentication, encryption and more were required to succeed. The service is quite inexpensive. We recommend it to businesses that would like a simple way to keep SPAM out of their web contact mailbox.

NetFerret Search
NetFerret Search
Built for speed! This site, being a search engine, necessitated the smallest of resources possible be used for the page interface. The index page, only seen if entering the site without a query in progress, is under 50KB (the large image accounts for most of the size). The remaining pages are under 8 KB - with image. Combined with a very powerful search engine you get a site that provides the information you seek in the fastest time possible. Our experiences are that the pages return results in half an eye-blink.
CSS, XHTML and HTML compliant. Plans are in work to make the site wml (Wireless Markup Language) compliant as well.

Tribal Tobacco Prevention Network
National Tribal Tobacco Prevention Network
A work in progress. In conjunction with another Northwest Oregon design firm, Technical Lucidity, Neo•Paradigms is working to assist this worthy non-profit agency with their efforts to improve the health and lives of the more than 40 Northwest American Tribes. We are proud to have the opportunity to make the finest we, both design teams, can produce affordable for this worthwhile goal and reduce the effects of tobacco abuse in the current - and future - generations of native americans.

workFORCE Network
PCC WorkFORCE Network
A work in Progress. The largest Community College system in Oregon, Portland Community College, hosts a large number of community services satellite organizations. The WorkFORCE Network is one of them. Like many community services agencies they are non-profit and work on an ever shrinking budget. Neo•Paradigms is pleased to be a part of the Portland business community and is working to improve the web presence of this very effective - and vital - agency.
This site is made to be easy to extend and employs plain HTML throughout. The few javascript libraries are isolated from accidental editing and we hope to assist the WorkFORCE Network in making substantial changes in this and their existing web design to facilitate the needs of web users with disabilities in order to meet the needs of our community more effectively.


Suprene Sail & Surf [secured]
A Neo•Paradigms hosted site and project. Suprene Sail & Surf and Neo•Paradigms have a long history together - more than a decade. Over the years we have produced conceptual design and graphics, broadcast animations, brochures, logos, letterheads, developed technical documentation and more. At one time we authored a complete VRML demonstration site for their product line - years before it was "cool."
Their current needs involved a completely secure platform from which to dispense sensitive and protected information to their prospective manufacturing partners.In truth, without authorization, you will not even be able to view the page thumbnailed above. If, however, you are interested enough to make contact with them and obtain authentication, you will be able to view the site and the amazing product line it is built around.